US Treasury places Afghan trader Nabizada on sanctions list


The US Treasury has placed well-known Afghan trader Kamal Nabizada on a sanctions list, claiming links to Iran’s QUDS force.

However, Kamal Nabizada’s company released a statement reacting to the US Treasury’s decision, saying there were political motives behind it.

Analysts said those involved in money laundering and Iran’s Sepah-e Pasdaran are put on the list.

“The U.S. Treasury has targeted Iran’s fuel smuggling network which is under Russian backing…ownership of those on the list will be restricted,” said Seyar Qureshi, an economist.

Some analysts have said placing Afghan traders on these lists will affect investment in the country.

“I think this question has a political side. The United States is trying to pressure Afghan businesses to restrict their economic activities to put pressure on the Afghan government because the private sector plays an important role,” said economist Abdul Naseer Rishtia.

The Nabizada company claimed in a statement that the political motives behind the sanctions relate to US relations with Russia and Iran. “The United States, due to its serious differences with Russia and Iran over different issues, has made allegations against certain traders in the countries… which are completely false,” the statement said.

The US Treasury list included contractors from Russia, Lebanon, Iran, Turkey and other countries.

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