There is no additional intervention at the moment for those who drive to work: unions and employers disagree


As part of the preparation of the budget in early April, the government released an envelope of 30 million euros. The aim was to support those who drive to work with their own car and who are affected by rising diesel and petrol prices. The social partners were invited to distribute this envelope. Unions and employers have had until the end of April to do so.

Unions and employers cannot agree on how the 30 million euros will be spent. The G10 meeting – which brings together chief trade union and employer negotiators – failed to reach an agreement yesterday. For the unions, 30 million euros is simply too little. They also criticize the employers themselves for not wanting to make an effort to support their employees.

Today’s employers deny obstructing consultations and point the finger at unions. After all, the employers had put on the table a concrete proposal to support the employees who today cannot claim the relocation allowance and who live more than ten kilometers from work, it seems. This met with “njet” in the unions. “In times of crisis, unions cannot choose the group of employees who really need help,” the employers’ banks replied.

The result: delays in interfering with resettlement agreements. The ball is now back in the government’s court. On Friday, he will ask the social partners to sit down again around the negotiating table.

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