Poland’s trade balance after August 2021. Data deteriorates


After August, Poland still has a foreign trade surplus, but in recent months these figures have deteriorated considerably, according to data released by the Central Statistical Office (GUS).

excess merchandise trade trade After August 2021, it reached 1.8 billion euros – GUS reported on Friday. However, as Pekao Bank economists note, Since May, imports have grown much faster than exports. Previously released data showed that in August Poland had a deficit of 1.7 billion euros due to the current account deficit with foreign countries.

According to data from the Polish Central Statistical Office, The share of the largest euro area countries – Germany, Italy, France and Spain in Polish exports – has increased, and the share of economies outside the European Union has decreased – the states United, Russia and Great BritainWho left the EU for good on January 31, 2020. Germany’s share of Polish exports after August 2021 rose to 28.8%, France to 5.8% and Italy to 4.7%. Meanwhile, Germany and China have the largest share of imports, and Russia has climbed to third place, as we import expensive energy resources.

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