moscow: Moscow allows imports that do not comply with sanctions

MOSCOW: Russia on Friday authorized the import of hundreds of categories of goods without the agreement of the owner of the intellectual property in order to circumvent the restrictions imposed by the Ukrainian conflict.
Among the list published by the Ministry of Industry and Trade are Apple and Samsung smartphones, major car brands, game consoles and spare parts used in various industries.
There are also daily consumer products, such as cutlery and cosmetics.
“According to this document, civil liability is waived in cases where products are imported by importers bypassing official distribution channels,” the ministry said.
Many of these goods are produced by companies that decided to exit the Russian market after Moscow sent troops to Ukraine on February 24.
Others, like auto parts, were banned by international sanctions imposed on Moscow during its military campaign.
This mechanism will allow Russia to avoid shortages of goods that it is currently unable to produce on its own.
The ministry, however, clarified that it was not an “authorization to import or distribute counterfeits”.
President Vladimir Putin has repeatedly said Russia’s economy has weathered the sanctions well, but economists believe the worst economic impact is yet to come.

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