Indian woman stuck in Oman calls for immediate intervention by Jaishankar for her repatriation


New Delhi, April 29 (IANS): An Indian woman, who says she is ‘stuck’ in Muscat with her husband, has asked External Affairs Minister S. Jaishankar to speak with her Omani counterpart for their repatriation, as the company her husband works for allegedly forced to file a complaint against his local staff and now they face death threats.

In an email to IANS, Meena Pandey claimed that she had approached the Indian Embassy in Oman on several occasions, but the matter has not yet been resolved, and she asked Indian diplomats in Oman to contact the president of the company in India.

“Already several times we had approached the Indian Embassy in Oman but according to the Embassy officials they have tried their best but so far there has been no response from the sponsor of our company.

“For the past 3 months we have been following the Indian Embassy and asking them to contact our company president and sort out the issue with our company sponsor, but for now the embassy from India to Oman could not contact the company’s sponsor,” she said. said in the email. She also claimed that she had asked several ministers and MPs through the letters in this regard, but to no avail.

Her husband Sushil Pandey has worked with Oman Trading Establishment LLC, a Hyundai car distributor, for 13 years as a branch manager at the Sohar branch in Oman. Recently, the company filed a lawsuit against him and forced him to write a complaint against its local Omani staff, promising that the case against him would then be dropped, she said.

According to Meena Pandey, her husband had complied “but to date his company has not withdrawn the case.. for this reason the staff of the company are against him and our family. We are concerned that they do not harm us.” They have two children.

She claimed that the case had not been transferred to court. Instead of negotiating with the company’s sponsor, the Indian embassy in Muscat is insisting that company officials take the case to court, she said.

“I regret to say that instead of negotiating with our company sponsor, the Indian Embassy in Oman is forwarding the same response by default to all concerned, who are requesting our repatriation. This is the same as my husband’s company leveling the allegations which are totally untrue and unacceptable,” Meena Pandey said.

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