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Donegal TDs Deputy Pádraig Mac Lochlainn and Deputy Pearse Doherty questioned how the Taoiseach’s approach to the situation at Killybegs Harbor could be seen as in line with its ‘Shared Island’ brand.

Last month the SPFA suspended factory weighing permits for two Killybegs fish processors after a recent catch of fish arrived via Foyle Port in Derry. The catch was landed at the Port of Derry by a Norwegian vessel whose captain sought to save the catch from the SFPA weighing system which would render the fish unfit for human consumption. However, the SFPA said catches must be weighed at the landing dock in the state of landing before being transported to the Republic of Ireland.

Speaking today, MP Pearse Doherty said: “The Taoiseach is promoting the ‘Shared Island’ brand, aimed at providing public funds to bring down borders and trade barriers on this island. How then can he overcome the situation in Killybegs?

“The SFPA (Sea Fisheries Protection Authority) punished the fishing community by removing factory weighing permits because landings took place in Derry and, according to them, “outside Ireland”?

“This obviously comes after a series of ships have been turned away from Killybegs Port over the past few weeks, which had already caused widespread outrage.

“We are calling on him to step in urgently and ask the SFPA to rebuild its relationship with the fishing industry in Killybegs.

“He must find a viable solution to this weighty crisis which threatens the future of an already struggling industry.”

Deputy Mac Lochlainn added: “The Taoiseach’s ‘shared island’ efforts are hypocritical in light of Killybegs’ situation.

“Does he consider Derry outside of Ireland and will he allow the SFPA to put a hard border on this island?

“What is happening at the port of Killybegs is outrageous and is causing great harm to the local community.

“Government actions may prevent some fishing vessels from returning, causing untold damage.”

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