Does Croatia Expel Russian Diplomats? Hundreds of names on sanctions list


April 10, 2022 – Is Croatia expelling Russian diplomats in the face of the horrific invasion of Ukraine and the alleged war crimes that have since been perpetrated there by Russian troops? The sanctions list of Russian names is indeed long and the Security and Intelligence Agency is also involved.

As Morsky writes, five months later, as he put it, he “discovered the warm and poetic soul of Sergei” and read the poetry of Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov in Russian, the Croatian Foreign Minister Foreign and European Gordan Grlic Radman wrote a decision to expel Russian diplomats from the Republic of Croatia.

This is a very important sign of solidarity and a response to the latest developments and the brutal Russian aggression in Ukraine, where we are stunned by the crimes and horrors committed by the Russian army in this innocent country .

“In addition to expelling Russian diplomats, we are also actively working to freeze the assets of those people under sanctions,” Minister Gordan Grlic Radman told RTL. State Secretary at the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs, Frano Matosic, also added:

”There are 893 individuals and 65 legal entities on our sanctions list. We expect this situation to change again soon, as a new package of measures will be adopted in Brussels. Russian diplomats in Croatia, among others, are deprived of the luxuries they enjoyed, mainly on the coast, as well as the freezing of money in their accounts. Their businesses are frozen, in terms of preventing people on the sanctions list from using these economic resources to extract funds that could be channeled into aggression against Ukraine,” Matosic said.

Otherwise, this number is much higher, since all seized yachts whose connection to Russia is being established are not counted. The real owners are known for three of them. Croatia does not decide on sanctions independently, these decisions are taken in Brussels. The wealthy often try to hide everything they have, so they register their property on remote islands and under third-party names, making it difficult to determine what really belongs to Russia and what doesn’t.

When it comes to whether or not the SOA (Croatian Security and Intelligence Agency) helps determine what is Russian ownership in Croatia, the answer is that, of course, it is.

The Russian Embassy in Zagreb is also closely monitoring everything that is happening, and when asked about the expulsion of Russian diplomats from this country, they say they don’t want to comment until they don’t. will not have received official information from the Croatian government.

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