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By Henri Uche

Following the arrest and detention of the Accountant General of the Federation (AGF), Idris Ahmed, by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) recently for an alleged offense of stealing N80 billion from the Treasury of the country, the Human and Environmental Development Program (HEDA Resource Center) has called on the Association of National Accountants of Nigeria (ANAN) to submit Ahmed to the institute’s disciplinary panel for thorough investigation and appropriate punishment.

In a letter signed by HEDA President Olanrewaju Suraju, the leading anti-corruption civil society organization instructed ANAN to stand up immediately and protect its image before men like Ahmed drag it through the mud, since he is a member of ANAN.

“Mr. Ahmed being a qualified accountant and a member of ANAN was appointed to handle the accounts of the Federation, however, he would have ended up abusing the trust placed in him by the good Nigerian people and the government. contravene the Code of Ethics for Professional Accountants for ANAN members.

“Under Section 100.5 of the Code, the fundamental principles that an accountant must always adhere to include: integrity, objectivity, professional competence and due diligence, confidentiality and professional behavior. It is evident that Mr. Ahmed breached all the fundamental principles stated above and the ethical standard of the Association by the allegations of embezzlement and theft of public funds, resulting in his arrest and detention by the EFCC.

“It is evident that Ahmed breached all the fundamental principles stated above and the ethical standard of the Institute by the allegations of embezzlement and theft of public funds, resulting in his arrest and detention by the EFCC. “

“It is on this note that we call on ANAN to refer our complaint to the Association’s Investigation Committee for proper investigation and then to the Association’s Disciplinary Tribunal for disciplinary action as provided in Article 11. of the ANAN Act and that maximum penalties be imposed on Mr. Idris Ahmed, in order to deter other members of the noble profession and the Association, as well as to bring the profession into disrepute and to further embarrass the Association and the Federal Republic of Nigeria,”

Similarly, the President of HEDA has instructed the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN) not to sleep yet as some of its members are not immune to malfeasance. Suraju made this accusation following ICAN’s swift response to HEDA in which he unequivocally asserted that Ahmed was never a member of ICAN.

He expressed the wish that ICAN would also stand up and respond with vigor and vigor anytime, any day, when any of its members go against professional ethics, the code and the standard of practice of the institute or when any of its members goes against any established public law. law, principle or policy that may not only affect the institute but the public, just as it did by the quick dissociation of the embattled accountant (Ahmed).

“ICAN was quick to disassociate itself from Ahmed, but we urge them to do the same quickly if any of its members were found to be in default. Thus, they must not fall asleep yet, because it is not yet uhuru. We take this opportunity to reiterate our determination to work with them in the future as a civil society organization ready to enthrone good public and corporate governance at all levels.

The non-partisan League for Human Rights and Development under President Suraju reiterated its determination to protect and promote universally recognized human rights, public accountability, transparency and environmental justice in Nigeria and in Africa, in accordance with the best international standards.

“We are ready to work for this country, our mandate and our past achievements remain our driving force. We will not shudder or back down in the face of any form of injustice, maladministration or mismanagement of public resources, no matter which ox is gored. What we need in this course is the support of professional institutions, the judiciary and the media to remake Nigeria for the good of all,” he asserted.

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