What is a student loan

You can find out what is available to finance your studies here: Around five percent of German students use student loans to finance their studies. Interestingly, this also applies if the German state funding or a Fine Bank student loan is already being used. Student finance to finance your studies. A student loan is often the last resort if there is not enough money to study.

Student loan

Student loan

An education loan from the Federal Education Loan Program can be granted to students in higher study sections for a maximum of 24 months. This loan is granted through the state-owned Fine Bank banking group. Monthly prices of $ 100, 200 or 300 can be claimed. Up to 24 months, ie max. $ 7,200 can be approved within one training period.

For special training purposes, such as course fees or work materials, you can make a one-time payment of up to 3,600, taking into account the maximum loan amount. Various banking institutions and savings banks grant student loans to cover living expenses and other study costs. The Center for Higher Education checks the performance of the various credit institutions at irregular intervals.

The study also includes decision support for or against a student loan

The study also includes decision support for or against a student loan

In addition to private banks, Fine Bank  also has a student loan program in its program. For students of all subjects at public or state-recognized universities, an interest-bearing loan of $ 100 to 650 per month is available, regardless of their income and assets and without security.

The maximum payment for the first or second degree depends on the age at the start of the course; up to 24 years there are 14 semesters, up to 34 years there are 10, up to 44 years there are 6. From 45 years there is no more support. The student loan is also granted to part-time students, part-time students as well as to post-graduate students or a doctorate … forgive.

An overview of the funding opportunities can be found at Fine Bank. In many student unions, loan funds or hardship funds are maintained for special cases of hardship or unpredictable financial charges during the final phase, in which state funding is not possible. Educational support is a useful addition to conventional student loans.

It is determined in advance in which time period the recipients transfer which share of their income to the education fund. For some providers, student support programs are a supplement to financial support. In total, Bildungsfond investors can expect an amortization return. It must also be used to finance the management of educational resources. The funding for education is provided, for example, by a university to support the gifted or by private companies to promote successors.

There is also a nationwide education fund. In 2017, the Center for University Dynamics (CHE) researched and processed student loans and educational resources.

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