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Debt consolidation loans can be used to pay off credit card debt. But these loans vary in amount, repayment period and interest rates. When you are ready to get a new credit for credit consolidation, make sure you are shopping for the best credit.

What is the interest rate on a debt consolidation loan?

What is the interest rate on a debt consolidation loan?

The interest rate on a debt consolidation loan is one of the main deciding factors. This will affect the price you pay for the debt.

The higher the interest rate, the more you pay for the loan. Unfortunately, you cannot qualify for a low interest consolidation loan if you have a negative credit history.

Do you qualify for a debt consolidation loan?

Do you qualify for a debt consolidation loan?

If you are behind on credit card payments, your credit may be badly lost to take out a loan to consolidate your debts. Unfortunately, if you do not qualify for a loan, you will need to look for other options to handle your debt.

Is this really a new loan?

Is this really a new loan?


Some debt consolidation programs function more like consumer credit counseling and combine your monthly debt payments instead of giving you a brand new loan. Once you confirm that you are actually borrowing a loan rather than enrolling in a debt management plan, make sure you fully understand the terms of the loan and whether your existing debts will be repaid immediately or over a period of time.

What is the repayment period?


Debt consolidation loans often reduce your monthly payments by extending your repayment period to delay your debt repayment time.

You can take advantage of lower payments in the short term as your finances get you back on track. Then, when you are able to, more aggressively pay off your debt consolidation loan.

Is this a legitimate debt consolidation loan?

Is this a legitimate debt consolidation loan?


There are so many scams for lending and debt consolidation. You can easily be fooled. Make sure you borrow a legitimate bank. Avoid paying later fees for securing a loan. Trust your instincts and avoid any credit or program that does not seem right.

Can you pay?

The goal of combining your debts with a debt consolidation loan is to make paying your debt more affordable. Before agreeing to a loan, make sure that the monthly payments fit into your budget. If you cannot afford the monthly payments, you will have more problems in the future.


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Payroll-free loans quickly and easily. Wed, 11 Mar 2020 04:17:51 +0000

We are going to explain what are credits and microcredits without payroll, how you can easily request them online without requiring just requirements and even so that they do not ask you for anything, as is the case of some credits that we offer in Lite lender.

What is a credit without payroll?

What is a credit without payroll?

When it comes to quick credit without payroll, every day there are easier ways to apply for it due to the economic situation in Spain. Of course, to a certain extent, entities always require a guarantee or guarantor, ensuring payment.

With regard to microcredit, this is already much easier in the case of very small amounts that usually range between $ 300 and $ 1,000. The so-called fast mini-credits without payroll and to return between one and six months depending on the financial companies.

The only bad thing about these two types of loans is the high interest to pay, it is what financial companies do in exchange for the facilities they offer.

Payroll loans usually have certain characteristics where the following are true:

1) Maturity, the loans have a maturity date and it is the date in which the entire loan should have been paid, including the previously agreed interest. In the case of not being able to comply, there are companies that facilitate a postponement but the interests shoot up.

2) Limits, banks grant from small to large credits, but no matter how tiny or gigantic the credit is, it will have an amount limit depending on the financial institution that grants it. We have an example in a well-known financial company that puts you on a tray to be able to access loans of up to 4000 USD instantly, something that is appreciated for the facilities they give you with the application.

3) Guarantee, they usually make a contract where they specify the guarantees of the same and the sanctions that will be imposed in case of not fulfilling them. We have already commented on the latter, which normally usually gives you a little more time through an agreement, thus avoiding being seized in the case of being a personal loan with a guarantee.

4) Payment dates, a monthly payment date is generally set in which you must pay a monthly fee that will be subtracted from the debt created when requesting it.

5) Interests, these are also specified in the contract made once the application has been processed. The interests are so that the bank or the lender does not risk losing money over time.

Do you know the way to obtain microcredits without payroll?

Do you know the way to obtain microcredits without payroll?

If you need fast money, the best option is to request it from the Internet. Microloans without payroll online are changing the whole system when it comes to loans.

They are small short-term loans that you request through the Internet and are approved in a very short period of time.

So it is an excellent option if you need quick money, and you do not want to waste time on bank appointments where they ask for more than you can offer as a guarantee, knowing that you will receive a no for an answer.

With online credits without payroll you will not have to wait for it to be approved, because in a matter of minutes the money will be transferred to your bank account.

The amounts to request normally have a limit of one thousand USD, although there are companies to which you can request even 4,000 USD.

Best of all, there are some that offer you the first free credit, this means that it will be interest free. But of course, the amount will be very limited being for example 300 or 600 USD.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of applying for an online credit?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of applying for an online credit?


Mainly these are based on obtaining them on the Internet in a comfortable and easy way.

The not very high interests that include you at least the first time you request a loan. So they get you as a customer with great ease while you also easily get that much-needed money.


The limitations of not very high amounts that put you when requesting a loan, because although being a personal loan there are not many companies that provide tens of thousands of USD.

The high interests that normally include this type of financial, this being the main condition that they give you in exchange for the facilities in the request of the credit or microcredit that you wish to obtain.

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Guaranteed loans: what do they consist of? Sun, 08 Mar 2020 05:06:50 +0000

When applying for a loan there are several things that we have to take into account to be able to choose the ideal option, since each loan has very different characteristics. One of these variables is the guarantee, a common element in some credits and that often raises many questions. With this post, from Cream Credit we want to clarify all the questions that have arisen about the guaranteed loans, so that you have all the necessary information before making a decision. Shall we start?

We have to know that a guarantee is a guarantee that we have to offer before the fulfillment of an economic obligation.

Thus, collateralized loans are those in which, when requesting a loan, we offer a guarantee to the lender so that the lender can be sure that the borrowed amount will be repaid. Thus, in case we cannot return the money, we will have to take care of the debt with our guarantee.

There are different ways to guarantee a loan, ready to meet them?

Types of collateral for a loan

money cash

  1. Loans with personal guarantee

Loans with a personal guarantee are those in which we will have a person who will respond to our debt in the event that it is impossible for us to repay it. In other words, if after applying for a loan we cannot pay the debt, it will fall on our guarantee, which by signing the contract has promised to support us and settle the debt with your money or with your own property.

The guarantees have the same obligations as the holder of the loan and accept the same credit conditions. Therefore, in the event that it is also impossible for him to pay the debt, he can become garnished and appear in delinquent lists.

It is important to know that, if the guarantee is going to take over the debt, you can ask the loan applicant to return the amount you have paid. It is also convenient to keep in mind that the condition of guarantor, like that of debtor, is hereditary, so that, in the event of death of the guarantee, his heirs would endorse the loan.

  1. Collateralized loans

Collateralized loans differ from collateralized loans in that it is neither a person nor an entity that guarantees the return of the debt, but the borrower offers an object or asset with a value similar to or greater than that of the debt. Thus, the lender will keep it in case we can not return the credit.

In other words, it consists of responding to the debt with an asset of our property. Among the most common would be the car or the house, since they have enough value to function as a guarantee. In the case of the car guarantee loan, the vehicle would be the guarantee that we would offer to the lender, and they would keep it if we did not manage to meet the debt payment. If we talk about home equity loans, our house would be the good that the lender would stay.

In these cases, the contract must specify the good that is offered as collateral and both parties, the lender and the borrower, must accept it.

  1. Bank guarantee

In this case, it is a bank that undertakes to answer for the fulfillment of our debt before a third party in the event that we cannot do so. In the case of a loan, the bank agrees to repay the debt that we have not returned. Since being a guarantee involves a risk for the bank, normally we will have to pay commissions that will depend on the term, type and risk in order to be guaranteed by the bank. Furthermore, banks usually only endorse their own customers.

Requirements to be a guarantor of a loan

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To be a guarantor of a loan, you must meet a series of requirements that guarantee the lender that the person has the ability to repay the loan in case of default. The most frequent requirements are:

  1. First of all, to be a guarantee it is essential to be of legal age.

  2. Having a stable source of income, for example, a payroll or a pension. This guarantees that the guarantee will be able to meet the monthly debt payments.

  3. Patrimony: The guarantor must have fully paid patrimonial assets. This is because if the guarantee ceases to receive income or does not have the necessary liquidity to settle the debt, it will respond with its assets, that is, with the real estate free of charges available to it.

  4. In general, a person will not be accepted by entities that grant credit if they already have any outstanding debt.

Therefore, if you are over 18 years of age, monthly income, a fully paid home and you do not have any credit, mortgage or any unpaid debt, you can guarantee a credit.

Who is the debtor or the guarantor seized first?

money cash

One of the most frequent questions that arises for anyone who requests a loan with a guarantee is whether, in the event of default by both, it will be seized. Therefore, it is important to know what exactly happens when the borrower does not pay his debt.

First, the entity that has granted the credit will thoroughly examine the financial situation of the debt holder to understand why it has failed to meet its deadlines. If they find that you have no possibility of continuing to pay because you are bankrupt, they will review the situation in which your guarantee is. If the guarantee has sufficient income and money to meet the debt, it will pay it in installments as before the guarantee. However, if it does not have the necessary liquidity.

The entity will seize the assets free of charges of the guaranteed

Guaranteed loans are safer for companies because they have the peace of mind that the loan will be repaid, either by the applicant or the guarantee. However, for us they can be at great risk, since if for whatever reason we cannot repay the debt, our guarantor may be in trouble or we may even lose the home or the car. Therefore, in general it is advisable not to request loans or credits that require a guarantee.

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Small loans without payroll, is it possible? Sat, 29 Feb 2020 05:37:59 +0000

Best option to request small loans 

Best option to request mini loans 

Many times our collaborators ask us before requesting a quick credit online if it is possible to obtain small loans without payroll . The answer is yes, but you must know where to look for them. Indeed, not all platforms or all credit branches are much the same. Specifically, the traditional banking model has stifled (in many cases irretrievably) financing and economic growth . Lite lender company is actually born as an alternative to it.

At Lite lender company it is possible to obtain small loans without payroll and also quick loans of a larger amount (up to 15,000 USD). That is why Lite lender company has positioned itself as one of the main alternatives for both individuals and professionals when it comes to seeking liquidity for their own projects and, by the way, for their dreams.

Specifically, we offer you a quick, effective and simple formula . It consists of small loans without payroll or endorsement with which you can get liquidity practically automatically. In many cases, company abuses mean that we cannot ask for credit for being in Financial Credit Institutions.

Aware of this, we can offer you small loans without payroll despite the fact that you are in this situation. Lite lender company seeks precisely that money is in motion . That is why we prioritize ease for our applicants over other criteria of traditional banking that too often go in fact against a broader concept of economics.

Small loans without collateral: what should I do?

Mini loans without collateral: what should I do?

Understanding that a dream is also a project , we want to explain what you must do to obtain small loans without payroll or endorsement and, also, quickly and safely. First of all, at Lite lender company we offer you the possibility of requesting small loans without payroll in a few minutes . You only have to fill out our form.

In it you can select the amount you need in your project financing plan. With this, and after answering a few informative questions, you will have immediate liquidity. There is no easier way to obtain credits online than with Lite lender company . We want to make it easy for you because we want to grow with you. Fill out our form and benefit .

Therefore, many freelancers , individuals, companies , etc. trust us. They do it precisely because from Lite lender company we have been pioneers in the concept of small loans without payroll or endorsement. With it, we have managed to give dynamism to a sector too entrenched as that of credit for the erroneous management of traditional banking.

So that you know all the possibilities that our small loans without payroll contain, we encourage you to visit our blog In it you will find other related articles that in all probability will surprise you and help you decide to enter the world of liquidity and financing of the 21st century . A flexible, fast and versatile form of project financing; adapted to what is normally needed, small loans without payroll , fast, reliable and with guarantees. Leave us your comments to continue growing together.

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Loans for debtors with debt collectors Fri, 28 Feb 2020 04:58:41 +0000

Sometimes one bad financial decision is enough to get into financial problems and attract a bailiff. The question is what then? How to deal with this problem? Is a person in debt with a bailiff likely to get financial support? If so, what products can it use? Check!

Problematic debt – how to deal with it?

Problematic debt - how to deal with it?

Even arrears in repayment of obligations can effectively make life sad, let alone when a bailiff knocks on our door. It is important not to wait until the problems disappear on their own, because this will not happen. The bailiff’s visit is the last bell to come to his senses and start thinking seriously about how to solve his financial problems. What can we do at all?

Some will probably seek help from family and friends. This may be a pretty good idea, but only if your debt is not high. If we are dealing with debt reaching several or several thousand, we can already face some difficulties. Even if someone close to you will have such a sum of money, you probably won’t decide to lend it to us because you won’t want to risk being left without savings. We can also think about smaller loans from several family members, but do we want to ask everyone for help and inform them about our difficult financial situation? Probably not! What to do then?

Or maybe a loan from a financial institution? We offer many financial institutions that grant loans. In a traditional bank, unfortunately, those in debt with a debt collector have little chance of a loan. Banks expect a transparent credit history, solvency and no entry.

At the moment, because we are wearing a bailiff, such an entry may appear, so we are becoming an unreliable customer for the bank. However, let’s not forget that the loan market is not only banks, but also loan companies. They are not so restrictive towards their clients, they do not expect a good credit history and usually do not attach importance to registers of debtors’ databases. This means that even loans are granted to those in debt with a bailiff .

Loan for debtors with bailiff – what can we find in the loan company offer?

Loan for debtors with bailiff - what can we find in the loan company offer?

If we take a closer look at the offer of loan companies, then we understand that the choice is quite large. Of course, we will find here products similar to those offered at traditional banks, including a cash loan or a mortgage loan. However, this is only the beginning, because the offer of parabanks also includes proposals for people with debt collectors who have no creditworthiness, or people who have a bad credit history or lack permanent employment. Wondering what products exactly are you talking about?

When it comes to loans for debtors with a bailiff , we should first of all think about a consolidation loan. It can even be said that it is the best way to get out of debt and regain financial liquidity. Why? A consolidation loan involves combining all liabilities into one. Wondering how it’s possible?

The lender sums up all our liabilities, then repays them and prepares a new financial product for the resulting debt. This time it is adapted to our needs as well as financial possibilities. As a result, we have only one loan to pay, old obligations disappear, and with them a bailiff, whose presence disturbed our sleep.

The monthly amount will not be so bothersome, and this means that we will finally be able to go straight. Importantly, you can consolidate virtually all liabilities, regardless of where we incurred them – from cash loans to car loans, mortgages, payday loans, credit card charges, or bank account limits.

Another interesting form of loan for debtors with a bailiff is an ID card loan. This is a kind of commitment that is given immediately. The lender’s only requirement is to be eighteen or twenty-one years old, as well as a valid ID. The formalities associated with applying for a loan have been kept to a minimum.

This means that the lender does not expect us to submit either an employment contract or a salary or employment certificate. It is also impossible to ignore the fact that loan companies rarely check their clients in debtors’ registers, so in practice it means that even if we actually appear in one of the registers, it will not affect the lender’s decision.

Loans for proof are granted in various amounts – from several hundred dollars to even several thousand, so thanks to them we can quickly repair our budget. Importantly, the lender does not impose on us the purpose for which we should allocate the loan. This means that we can dispose of money in any way.

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Tips before taking out online loans. Thu, 09 Jan 2020 05:28:38 +0000

Buying a car, renovating the home, paying for school, or just making ends meet are reasons why we may need to request a loan online. In pages like this, we can find a lot of help to get hold of the one that interests us the most, that offers us some really interesting conditions and all the guarantees.

If you have never requested a fast online loan, we invite you to continue reading these tips hoping that they will be very interesting:

Tips to request a loan online

Tips to request a loan online

Never ask for more money than is necessary: A few years ago it was quite common for banks to offer us more money than we needed, more than anything in case we were in any economic hardship. The problem with asking for more money is that it involves paying more interest and this, in the long run, can end in ruin.

Keep in mind that you request an amount of money X and you will have to pay back an amount Y. This amount will be made up of X plus interest, commissions and any other expense, which can occasionally be high. If you take everything into account, you will not be surprised.

Minimum amortization period: The return time must be as soon as possible. The longer the time, the more interest will have to be faced. At the same time, you shouldn’t choose a ridiculously low repayment term, as it can critically deplete your monthly income.

Try to find the balance between paying it as soon as possible, and at the same time assuming fees that you can really afford.

Beware of delays: When you choose an online loan on the spot, it is vitally important that you pay the installments on time. If you don’t, a penalty could be applied that increases the cost of the return significantly. If this situation is repeated over time, or if you skip a monthly payment, the debt could become an order of embargo and this will cause you to lose your assets.

What to do before requesting the money

Before requesting the money, you must make sure that you will be able to pay it in the corresponding period.

Before requesting the money, you must make sure that you will be able to pay it in the corresponding period.

Justification of expenses: Some financial institutions will ask you for justifications to know what you are going to spend the money on. This is actually a way of giving the company peace of mind, a confidence that the money is really worth investing in you and that you are going to pay it back. Today it is possible to find many online loan companies that do not ask you for any kind of justification of expenses.

Comparison: To find the best fast online loan based on your personal needs, the best formula is to use a comparator. Through it you can choose the amount, the repayment period, in addition to customizing other issues. You will have an extensive list to be able to choose the loan that suits you best and start the “paperwork” online from the same tool.

If you follow these tips to apply for a new loan online, surely you will not have any problem.

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What is a student loan Tue, 31 Dec 2019 05:11:38 +0000 You can find out what is available to finance your studies here: Around five percent of German students use student loans to finance their studies. Interestingly, this also applies if the German state funding or a Fine Bank student loan is already being used. Student finance to finance your studies. A student loan is often the last resort if there is not enough money to study.

Student loan

Student loan

An education loan from the Federal Education Loan Program can be granted to students in higher study sections for a maximum of 24 months. This loan is granted through the state-owned Fine Bank banking group. Monthly prices of $ 100, 200 or 300 can be claimed. Up to 24 months, ie max. $ 7,200 can be approved within one training period.

For special training purposes, such as course fees or work materials, you can make a one-time payment of up to 3,600, taking into account the maximum loan amount. Various banking institutions and savings banks grant student loans to cover living expenses and other study costs. The Center for Higher Education checks the performance of the various credit institutions at irregular intervals.

The study also includes decision support for or against a student loan

The study also includes decision support for or against a student loan

In addition to private banks, Fine Bank  also has a student loan program in its program. For students of all subjects at public or state-recognized universities, an interest-bearing loan of $ 100 to 650 per month is available, regardless of their income and assets and without security.

The maximum payment for the first or second degree depends on the age at the start of the course; up to 24 years there are 14 semesters, up to 34 years there are 10, up to 44 years there are 6. From 45 years there is no more support. The student loan is also granted to part-time students, part-time students as well as to post-graduate students or a doctorate … forgive.

An overview of the funding opportunities can be found at Fine Bank. In many student unions, loan funds or hardship funds are maintained for special cases of hardship or unpredictable financial charges during the final phase, in which state funding is not possible. Educational support is a useful addition to conventional student loans.

It is determined in advance in which time period the recipients transfer which share of their income to the education fund. For some providers, student support programs are a supplement to financial support. In total, Bildungsfond investors can expect an amortization return. It must also be used to finance the management of educational resources. The funding for education is provided, for example, by a university to support the gifted or by private companies to promote successors.

There is also a nationwide education fund. In 2017, the Center for University Dynamics (CHE) researched and processed student loans and educational resources.

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